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About my work

My work could be described as an interactive diary. Your homework is to create a record of questions, fears, feelings, observations, and resolutions. Using my questions and perspectives to guide you, your confusion becomes the grist of a mill that provides you with the personal challenges that can nudge you out of the present impasse.


1980  B.A. Stanford University, Religion
1986  Ph.D. Syracuse University, Psychology, Religion and Ethics
Dissertation on Empathy in Religion and Psychoanalysis
1986 – 1991 English translations of books by Verena Kast and Mario Jacoby
1991  Diploma C.G. Jung Institut Zürich 
1992  Family Therapy training Berkeley California 
1993 – present   Private Practice Winterthur
2006 – present Vorstand PVR 
2013 – present Training Analyst International School of Analytical Psychology Zurich (ISAP)



My formal training was in Jungian Analysis, a lifelong interest of mine, and the reason I came to Switzerland. However, my present approach could more accurately described as solution-based brief therapy.


Special Areas

Separation, co-parenting, suicide



English, German



Praxisbewilligung Kanton Zürich


Membership in Professional Societies

Assoziation Schweizer Psychotherapeutinnen und Psychotherapeuten ASP

International School of Analytical Psychology Zurich ISAP

Gesellschaft delegiert arbeitender Psychotherapeutinnen und Psychotherapeuten (GedaP)

PsychotherapeutInnen Verein Winterthur PVR



1. Private

CHF 180 per hour.

2. Nicht-ärztliche Psychotherapie (non-medical Psychotherapy)

CHF 180 per hour. Additional insurance (Zusatzversicherung) provides partial coverage. Physician referral required. Inquire with your carrier about the conditions of your policy.

3. Delegierte Psychotherapie (medical psychotherapy)
The costs for the treatment are covered by your basic coverage. My practice partner Dr. Schaub issues the invoice via the Aerztekasse.



1. Appointments can be handled by my answering machine, text messaging, or e-mail.


2. If you are prevented from keeping your appointment, please cancel 24 hours in advance. Otherwise you are responsible for the costs of the session.


3. A session consists in most cases of 50 minutes of talking time. The cost the one hour session includes 10 minutes of additional work.


4. I adhere to the professional ethical regulations of the American Psychological Association and the Swiss Association for Psychotherapy.